Fred Crawford

Fred is the Vice President of CMC & Associates where he specializes in contract negotiation in which he focuses on limiting client liability and customizing each contract to the clients’ needs. Fred has worked with all major-brand and independent hotels across the country and is able to use his years of experience to negotiate what is best for the client due to previously negotiated contracts.

Fred also held the position of Executive Director of the Florida Association of Special Districts for 12 years. Within this role Fred worked to increase memberships, worked with his members on current issues within their communities and coordinated all meetings and conferences throughout the year.

Fred brings many layers to CMC & Associates with a lengthy background in hospitality. If you’re lucky, Fred will give you a lesson in wine-tasting or maybe just a quick lesson in management 101. Fred and Karen barely have time to enjoy being on the other side of the hospitality industry but when they do, you can catch Fred with a good magazine, something about Archeology, relaxing on a ship to whatever new country they are traveling to that year.

Contact: [email protected]