2020 CMC and Associates Staff

CMC was established in 1996 by Karen Crawford as a meeting planning company, catering primarily to government groups in the State of Florida. By recommendations and word of mouth the company grew and the client base flourished nationwide. As more services were requested, CMC expanded to better accommodate clients and after incorporating as Crawford Marketing and Consulting, Inc. in 2001, our scope of services broadened further to now offer a wider range of services. Included in services provided by CMC is full-conference management, association management, leadership enhancement training, housing management, training in transportation modules, as well as laws, rules, and ethics. This continued expansion over the years was due to CMC’s ingenuity, creative drive to please our customers, and ability to provide a premium event within any budget parameter.

CMC is defined by our core values – integrity, passion to please, attention to detail, and ability to accept and prevail over any challenges. We pride ourselves on working behind the scenes, keeping you in control of your event with minimal stress. As a second-generation company, CMC has built itself through referrals from our many repeat customers, in addition to our ability to exceed client expectations while staying within their budgetary constraints. Our close partnerships with select vendors allows us to provide the best service and value at the best price for any services we do not offer in-house. Most importantly, we never forget – our job is to make you look good!